This Pacific Rim Wondercon Trailer Makes this Nerd Very Happy

I'll be frank; I love giant monster movies. Mix in Guillermo Del Toro directing a giant monster movies and well, I'm paying attention. Then, you tell me it has giant robots in it? Well, now you're just pandering right to me, right?

Well judging from this Wondercon trailer for Pacific Rim, they are. It looks like they're doing one hell of a job too. There appears to be multiple giant monsters, nothing but action, total carnage and that last shot of the robot smacking around a monster with an oil tanker? Yes, I'm sporting a serious nerd chub here.

Here's a quick bullet list of what's awesome here:
-Charlie Day out of nowhere!
-Ron freaking Pearlman
-Idris Elba (Ask me why I think he'd make a great Doctor Who some time)
-Big City Carnage
-Screw rain fights; Ocean fights.

And well...I could go on, but I have to go watch this trailer again.

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