"Bioshock 2" First Look is Long, Spoilery

Just over a week ago I posted the first "Bioshock 2" game footage, and wondered aloud what sort of teases would come next. As it turns out, "tease" is not in Gamespot's vocabulary, as they've posted a video which at first look answers nearly every basic question that fans of the franchise have so far. Be warned, this video is slightly spoilery in terms of general story and gameplay, but definitely worth a look:

You really get a sense from the people involved that this game is consuming them. Things could always take a turn for the worse, but if this game is anywhere near as well executed as the team makes it sound, I'm going to be happy as a clam come Q4 2009. That, and did you see that fucking drill?!

BioShock 2 Exclusive Impressions - First Look

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