Earthquake in Indiana!

Yes, you read that right: at 5:40 am (roughly) Indiana was rocked by a 5.2 magnitude Earthquake!

Sure, sure... a lot of you are thinking '' Keep in mind though, this is Indiana. This isn't something that happens here every day!

So to make this fit into the horror theme of BGH, imagine my surprise as I lay sleeping soundly; a large rumble starts to permeate my dreams (I shit you not, I started dreaming about people screaming about earthquakes) and then Books on the bed side shelf starting to slide off the wall and bouncing off the lampshade. I bit unsettling at 5:40 in the morning.

Be expecting the newest SciFi channel original "Heartland Horror" in the coming months! Detailing the 5.2 Earthquake that struck southern Indiana! Watch as middle aged bible belters flee into the rising sun as they fear the impending arrival of their lord and savior! Farmers fall into mass panic as they fear the bad gas that is surely seeping through the lines of their combines! And the worst, midwestern housewives rollover assuming the worst: hops laden beer farts from the hairy men sleeping next to them!

Only on....The SciFi Channel.

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