Men kissing more offensive than "A graphically severed human head"

According to last week's poll on What They Play a site dedicated to 'informing' parents about video games from a rating standpoint declared that "A man and woman having sex" was the most offensive thing that you could put in a video game. Two men kissing, a graphically severed human head and multiple f-bombs followed, respectively.

Granted, this was probably tabulated from less than 1000 responses (I couldn't find a number), but I'm not convinced that it's a terribly inaccurate sentiment. You could write a volume about each one of these "choices" and their social implications, especially in terms of how they rank with parents, but this is quite batty.

As a site that focuses almost entirely on the merits of violence, profanity, and breasts, I think this is of particular interest to us. In some of our favorite films, all four of these things are present and blaring, but I think it's pretty safe to say that we wouldn't recommend them to our children (NOTE: As far as I know, only one of us has children so far). I can also pretty safely say that I'd be much more comfortable with my kids seeing guys kissing, or even an exposed breast or two than a GRAPHICALLY SEVERED HUMAN HEAD. I don't see this type of trend changing any time soon, but I will be eternally intrigued and baffled either way.

(Credit to Muttpop for the find)

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