BGH Classic Pack - The Re-De-Sensitization Project

About midway through our podcast on "The ABCs of Death" the idea emerged that the crew at BGH had become a little -- how do you say? --re-sensitized to some of the more extreme elements of the horror genre. The next week, we luckily continued the re-de-sensitization with a shower of gore that is known as "Evil Dead."

If you've been enjoying and partaking in the re-de-sensitization, we invite you to continue the course with a new classic pack pulled together specifically to commemorate the time back before the likes of "Shark Night" and "Resident Evil: Retribution" had re-sensitized us.

This new pack, entitled "The Re-De-Sensitization Project," contains five classic, horrendous film discussions. These include:

Episode 15 - Cannibal Holocaust
Episode 47 - Saw V
Episode 70 - Martyrs
Episode 125 - The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
Episode 135 - A Serbian Film

If this sounds like the kind of torture you're interested in, by all means, bang it on the link below. Get re-de-sensitized!

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