"12-24" Trailer

I'm not so sure I'm prepared to say this Christmas themed horror film "12-24" looks "good", but the people behind it who emailed me the link the other day must have known that Yuletide themed horror films are one of my guilty pleasures.

It's Christmas Eve, and a group of disparate characters are heading home for the night when the dead begin to rise and seek human flesh. Who will survive the onslaught?

They've also done the smartest thing they could have done with this, which is cast Tiffany Shepis. So, I definitely can't fault them for that. I sort of wish the trailer actually told me something about the plot as opposed to being 2 minutes of people screaming their fool heads off, but come to think about it it's probably better that way. Check out the adorable yet janky trailer below, and make sure to schedule this one into your Holiday lineup this year.

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