BGH Classic Pack - Deep Cuts

For any number of reasons, some episodes of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast have never been available as part of our BGH Classics. Call it a mystery. Call it a conspiracy. Call it laziness. Today, we can call it a thing of the past. We're plugging holes here people!

So we're happy to announce that we're six episodes closer to our goal of making all 230+ Classic episodes available to you the listeners. Those six new classics can be found in order, on our Podcast Page, but they can also be found right here in a brand spanking new Classic Pack. We're calling them Deep Cuts, because they came from deep in the BGH archive. And the great news, is that you can get them in one shot, for one great price.

Shockingly, these were some real solid episodes. Included are:
- Episode 17 on "The Signal" and "Tromeo and Juliet"
- Episode 26 on "The Orphanage"
- Episode 29 on "The Strangers"
- Episode 48 on John Carpenter's "Halloween" and "Halloween II"
- Episode 166 on "Santa Sangre"
- and Episode 170 on "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"

Click here to purchase BGH Classic Pack - Deep Cuts today!

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