"Legend of the Bog" (Bog Bodies) Trailer

While you were sleeping last week, the film formerly known as "Bog Bodies" received a new name, DVD cover, and a potential release date. Now known as "Legend of the Bog," this film looks to be tentatively slated for release on DVD this June care of Lionsgate. Judging by the poster art, it looks like this film is being pushed as a vehicle for Vinnie Jones ("Midnight Meat Train," "X-Men 3"), who plays a vagabond hunter that's trying to do away with a reanimated bog body aka mummified corpse turned bad guy from Xena: Warrior Princess. The trailer is really nothing to shake a stick at, but this was one of the only original (non remake, non sequel) horror films slated for release in the next year from a major studio or distributor.

It's surely a horror film, and I've also heard whispering of some dark comedy throughout. I'm not so sure I saw that in the trailer, but I'll take the Internet's word for it for the time being. Anyways, some people seem to have strong feelings both ways about Vinnie Jones, but I for one love watching him punch/slash/shoot the shit out of things. There's no doubt that for better or for worse, I should find this potential stinker in my DVD player or Netflix queue come June.

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