Verbinski Skirts Pirates 4 for Bioshock

It's no secret that Gore Verbinski, director of the massively popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, has chosen to direct a screen adaptation of the game "Bioshock." Today however, brings us the news that he's apparently planning to focus so hard on the film that he's not going to be directing the fourth "Pirates" flick.

"I had a fantastic time bringing 'Pirates' to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry (Bruckheimer), Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team," Verbinski said. "I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future."

The major difference between "Bioshock" and other game-to-film prospects is that the story of the original is rock solid, and arguably the reason why many people played through the game at all. For that reason, it's not only ripe for the silver screen visually and conceptually, but it's also practically written already. The fact that Verbinski gave up on what is likely a very lucrative role with the series that made him to direct "Bioshock" tells me that he (and investors) see it as a pretty interesting and bankable franchise. Production is slated to begin in 2010, so it will be interesting if any of the story from "Bioshock 2" will be woven into the film.

Arr! Director Chooses Bioshock Over Pirates

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