Twisted Pixel Announces 'Splosion Man

Now that April Fools day has blown over, it's confirmed that the makers of the cutesy XBLA monster mash "The Maw" are in fact developing "'Splosion Man," a game straight out of Michael Bay's wildest dreams. As the name implies, 'Splosion Man has the capacity to make things 'splode, and that includes scientists that try to deter him from his mission of 'sploding anything in his path:

Any scientist he catches is 'sploded into chunks of ham and ribeyes, the smell of their destruction terrifying, but also a little succulent

This game already has some good things going for it, especially the ham and ribeye part. I mean, has a game that involves things exploding into nonsensical forms of meat ever been bad? Cruisin USA? Mortal Kombat? Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game? I rest my case.

The Maw Dev Announces 'Splosion Man

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