Wizards of the Coast announces "New Phyrexia," a horror-themed set

If you're a regular listener of podcast, you know that I'm a more-than-frequent player of Magic: The Gathering. I've been hoping to write about the game on the site, but I've had trouble finding the right hook to tie it in, since we are a horror site after all. However, it appears that Wizards of the Coast has been hearing my late-night prayers, because last night they announced that the next spring/summer expansion, titled "New Phyrexia," will be a horror-themed set. They also previewed a new card, "Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite" (no releation), and posted this pretty excellent promotional trailer.

New Phyrexia will cap off a 3-set conflict that chronicles the Phyrexian takeover of the metallic plane of Mirrodin, and promises lots of creepiness throughout. The macabre direction that this set is taking is a pretty sizable departure from Magic's elves and goblins, and I'm thrilled to see the how it ends up when things start getting freaky. Hopefully, the quality of the cards matches up to the evocativeness of the art spoiled so far.

I'll be following this new set as it develops, so if you're interested in hearing more about it from me on this site, be sure to comment!

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