BGH Classic Pack - "It's Better With Two... or Five"

On this week's podcast we're reviewing the super-anthology film "The ABCs of Death." Twenty-six filmmakers, twenty-six short films. It's a road we went down most recently with "V/H/S," which turned out better than we probably would have thought. But we've also had a good time with some of the other anthology films on the show.

BGH Classic - It's Better With Two... or Five brings you five classic BGH episodes: tense discussion on "Trick 'R Treat," sexual awakenings with "Teeth" & "Black Sheep," an urban perspective with "Tales from the Hood," explications of truth in "S&Man," and all kinds of awkward with "Chillerama."

Give them a listen and mentally prepare yourself to learn your "ABCs."

BGH Classic - It's Better With 2... or 5

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