Heavy Metal News Updates!

- First and Foremost, the somewhat somber news late last week that Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy is finishing off recording tracks for the new Avenged Sevenfold album. This of course comes following the news of The Rev's passing a couple months ago. The show must go on, I suppose.

- The Scorpions have released the track listing of what will be their final effort (all things assumed.) I can't help but notice the track title "Lorelei." Could it be a song about the epic German poem concering sailing on the Rhein that I was forced to memorize in high school German class? Could be. Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten, dass ich so traurig bin...

- Phil Anselmo's new record label HouseCore Records is promoting among others the band Sursiks, which has recorded an album based around messages relatives and friends left on the members voicemail. I'm following this, trust me.

- Same people who produced "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey," are just about ready to release their new documentary about Rush. I'm sure the fanboys will be all over it.

- I know this is going to sound shocking, but Eric Avery left Jane's Addiction again. For right now, the band is recording with a "mystery bassist," and speculation runs high that it's Duff McKagan. Whether that's permanent remains to be seen.

- Pamela Moore, who you might remember as Sister Mary on "Operation: Mindcrime," will be doing guest vocals on Primal Fear's new album. Perfect. Primal Fear is already ridiculously over the top, this is only to add to that.

- Attention Psychopathic Records fans! Twiztid has released their Spring 2010 tour schedule, and it's both nationwide and extensive. Check their website or your local venue sites to see if they're coming near you.

- Sick Of It All just released a track listing for their forthcoming album. Get your hoodies out and your anger up, because these legends are back.

- Ozzy has won his first case against Tony Iommi, blah blah blah...lions in winter raging it out.

- Bands are announcing themselves part of the upcoming "Dong Open Air Festival." Not really that important, but the name of the festival makes me giggle, I admit.

- Lastly but certainly not least, if you're a cigar smoker and want to own the single most pretentious humidor on the market, Yngwie Malmsteen is selling the autographed boxes off his website! As with all things Yngwie, the art on the box is less than subtle.

Congrats to Canada on their gold medal. Congrats to Team USA for a great run. Rematch in four years.

Live Loud.

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