The Woman in Black is the highest grossing British horror film in 20 years

Hammer's "The Woman in Black" continues to chug along as in the UK, the film grossed nearly $24 million making the film the highest grossing horror flick to come out of Britain in nearly 20 years! In total, the film has crossed the $50 million mark making Radcliff's first post "Harry Potter" roll a pretty big success.

As a very big Hammer fan myself, this is pretty fantastic news. On the nerdy fanboy side of things, the fact that the biggest horror movie in 20 years to come out of the UK being a Hammer movie is poetic justice! On the 'future of the studio' side of things, it's safe to say that with "Woman in Black", "Let Me In" and the lesser (but still decent) "Wake Wood" and "The Resident" under their belt, it's safe to say that Hammer is back!

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