1951 Down Place Episode 6 gets racy with The Vampire Lovers

It's the end of the month, that means it's time for another dose of Hammer nerdery over at 1951 Down Place!

This past month was my birthday, so Derek and Scott decided to let me pick the movie for this month. Seeing as the month was also the month of Valentines Day, hanging out with Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith seemed to be a perfect way to spend this month's episode! So, in this episode we dig into 1970's "The Vampire Lovers". Back in 1970, the ratings board changed the rules for the dreaded "X" rating in England, which opened the doors for Hammer to going for some racier subject matter to try and save their flagging sales. Judging from the bathtub scene in this movie? I'd say it worked out well for them!

Come join us for Episode 6 over at 1951 Down Place and enjoy the show! Questions or comments? Email us at podcast@1951downplace.com or leave us a voice mail at (765) 203-1951! Are you thinking, "Man, I'd sure love having somebody to talk to about Hammer flicks!"? Come join us in the 1951 Down Place Facebook Group!

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