The "Splatcademy Awards" are in!

Now that we've all endured that 'other' awards show this year, it's time to kick our feet up and enjoy Dead Lantern's annual Splatcademy Awards, an audio awards show for horror fans by horror fans. We've plugged the event on our podcast a few times, and now it's up and ready to be injected into your brainholes! You may hear some familiar voices, as the brothers Newell were lucky enough to be presenters on behalf of Bloody Good Horror for the best foreign film category, befitting of our fanciness. We were quite stoked to participate this year among great company from our friends at Night of the Living Podcast, Drunken Zombie, and Mail Order Zombie, just to name a few!

The gang at Bloody Good Horror would also like to extend our congrats to our BFF's at Night of the Living Podcast, who took home the Spooky in the "Best Horror Podcast" category. It couldn't have happened to better folks!

Head on over to Dead Lantern to download the Splatcademy Awards and remember, it's never too early to solicit on our behalf for next year! We're coming for you all!

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