Horror Music Video Updates!

A whole slew of worthy horror themed music videos have darkened my inbox lately, and here are the highlights!

Mina Fedora

Self-proclaimed HUGE horror fan Mina Fedora released this haunting video for her original song "Nightwatch." The Kentucky-based musician got the help of Keychain Productions and notable Hollywood makeup artist and SFX man Dave Snyder to bring to life this story of death and revenge.

Dawn of Ashes

To accompany their 8-cut EP "Farwell to the Flesh," Dawn of Ashes released this video that is totally NSFW, unless your place of business is cool with vomiting blood. The EP is comprised of three new cuts and a whole pile of remixes of old cuts, and for fans, it's probably worth a look. But the video is where the impact for this effort is.


German metalcore powerhouse released this video for "Memorial" to accompany their upcoming release "I am Nemesis." The album drops on February 28th, and the video is pretty creepy. Kids are always creepy. Always.

And in other musical and less horror related video news:

Jungle Rot

Victory Records' Jungle Rot is about to hit the road with Deicide and Abigail Williams, and put together a video for their upcoming project "Bloodties," which you can scope out a teaser of above. Their tour dates seems to be taking them to just about every damn place, so check your local listings.

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