Heavy Metal News Updates!

Hey there, kids! Just a few tidbits that slid across my ethereal desk to pass along:

*First and foremost, Rob Zombie announced to the world that he has been given the honor of inducting father of shock rock Alice Cooper into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Zombie tweeted Tuesday night around 10 PM Eastern:

I am inducting Alice Cooper into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Crazy. Greatest honor of my life. Love The Coop.

*Black Tide, with a new album not too far down the road, has been picked for tour support for Iron Maiden for the latter's upcoming US tour dates on the Final Frontier World Tour. That means precisely two dates, both in Florida, but it still counts as a pretty solid honor. The last time I saw Maiden, Steve Harris' daughter opened. So depending on perspective, this might be an upgrade.

*Autopsy is back in the studio, recording their first full length studio album since 1995's memorably titled "Shitfun." Chris Reifert promises the "sickest" and "heaviest" material that the band could come up with. That's a pretty stock phrase in heavy metal these days, but hey, if anyone can deliver, it might be Reifert and company. New album is due release by Peaceville in June 2011 and will be called "Macabre Eternal."

*Canadian noise rockers "KEN Mode" are going out on nationwide tour to promote their upcoming March 15th release "Venerable." The album comes courtesy of Profound Lore Records and the tour begins in South Dakota on March 11th, eventually joining up with Fuck the Facts in April. KEN Mode will also be part of the label's SXSW showcase.

*If you find in yourself in Las Vegas on June 4th, swing by Doom In June II at the Cheyenne Salon. Lineup has been announced (see poster below,) and it promises to be a showcase of the some of the best and newest in doom and stoner metal.

Lastly, just as blog note, make sure to keep an eye here next week. We've been working on a pretty cool project involving musicians, people in the metal industry, other bloggers and Black Sabbath. First installment should be up on Monday, so keep checking back. Without giving it away, the results of this adventure have yielded results better than I imagined.

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