Casper Van Dien Battles the Big Bug of Child Abuse!!!

I have long gone on record that I love the work of Casper Van Dien. I have long gone on record that I like Casper Van Dien not only as an actor, but as a person. He's always seemed affable enough and, if this is any proof, one socially-conscious fella.

Casper, as Johnny Rico from the lovable STARSHIP TROOPER flicks, pleads with humanity to not only fight the bug menace, but the menace of...wait for it...CHILD ABUSE! Yes! Score one for the Federation's out-reach program!

Part of me believes that this is totally in-line with the STARSHIP TROOPERS canon. If you saw the last--and oh yes, I did--the world government became a theocracy, and, last time I read the Bible (well, a Cliffsnotes of the New Testament, at least), it says beating an innocent child is wrong. Damnable, even. The above is my favorite of the two that have been released, and it's a more straightforward ad, but with even better production values AND those kick-ass Marauder battle-suits...

Combating child abuse + fighting alongside Casper Van Dien? I WILL be there on that battlefield with you, soldier! Now where's my plasma-cannon...

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