"Left 4 Dead" Valentines are Disgusting, Adorable

When it comes to artsy valentines, Alexandria "Beavotron" Neonakis really has a hold on my heart. Combining vintage art and ironic subject matter, she's crafted impossibly cute Valentines for "Shadow of the Colossus", "Team Fortress 2", "Katamari Damacy", and now, "Left 4 Dead"! Featuring sickeningly punny takes on the different abilities of the special infected, each valentine is worth a smile, and in the case of the Hunter valentine, worth spitting out your morning coffee all over your keyboard.

Needless to say, if I received one of these via electronic or printed means, I'd probably be forced to marry whoever gave them to me, even if I have to move to Massachusetts to do it!

Left 4 Dead Valentines: Survivors via Penny Arcade Forums.

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