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Boston's Shudderfest Screens American Mary/Murder University October 26th at the Somerville Theater

Halloween is fast approaching which means your local non-chain movie theater is putting the finishing touches on any horror-related programming with the hopes of filling the seats with genre fans. In my hometown of Boston, we're lucky enough to have no shortage of indie cinemas, and each of them-the Brattle, the Coolidge Corner and the Somerville Theater all have fantastic programming lined up.

The Sinister Six Violent Ghost Movies

I am so excited for today's release of Sinister that I feel like stripping down to my boxer shorts, lathering myself up in cocoa butter and running up and down the streets of my neighborhood, pounding on doors and offering encouragement for all that answer to join me at the local theater. Since my lawyer has advised me that would be a foolhardy idea, I'll just give you a rundown of a half dozen other violent ghost stories that kick ass. Why a half dozen? Didn't you ever read Spiderman? The “Sinister Six” arc killed, man.

9. "The Woman in Black

Fantastic Fest - Day 4, the end is nigh!

One of the sad truths of life is all good things come to an end. As I type this last recap of Fantastic Fest I'm 5,000 feet in the air hurtling back towards Boston, far away from the cozy confines of the Alamo Drafthouse and the comfort of their table service that delivers me delicious fried pick spears washed down with a black and white shake. To call Fantastic Fest an amazing experience would undersell it. The four days and change in Austin marked one of the rare times when reality exceeded the lofty expectations I'd built for the rip.

Fantastic Fest - Day 3, return to Amityville?

Three days down and one to go. No time for long winded introductions as there's too much cinematic madness to sift through. After a while the feeling of being shellshocked started to settle in as the days long bombardment of films threatens to overwhelm.


Fantastic Fest - Day 2

Day two of Fantastic Fest introduced me to the cruel mistress that is the online ticket queue. Despite logging on at 9:30:01 I found myself one hundred spots behind in the line. After a fifteen minute wait my chance to purchase tickets came up...only to thwart me with a dreaded “runtime error” message. Undeterred, I hopped in my rental car and high tailed it to the box office-only to find out that three of my four choices were already sold out. While the standby line proved to be a mostly accommodating mistress, events kept me out of my top choice for the festival, the forthcoming Sinister.

Fantastic Fest - Day 1

Film geeks have swarmed once again to Austin Texas for the annual Fantastic Fest. The Alamo Drafthouse packs a years worth of genre goodness into eight days and offers fans the opportunity to see highly anticipated movies weeks, months or sometimes years ahead of the masses. The Drafthouse itself is like a house of worship than your local AMC for movie lovers with their strict anti-texting rule and table service with top notch food in every theater. It's a place where attendees dress in their best formal wear and bring their dogs for the world premiere of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

New Texas Chainsaw trailer is a bag of awful

I'll admit I got the tiniest bit excited when Lionsgate released the poster for the upcoming "Texas Chainsaw 3D" film. Highlighting many masks of dear old Leatherface, the poster contained a level of creativity along with gruesome imagery that's been eschewed in this time of photoshopped floating head movie posters. For the briefest of moments I found myself willing to cast aside my deeply embedded cynicism that the upcoming film,

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