5 Reasons Why I AM Going to See MBV3D

I happened to mention to a few people at work this evening that I planned on seeing "My Bloody Valentine 3D" opening weekend. They were shocked. Truly. Like, mouths agape, starring at me blankly. Shocked. Naturally, this made me pause and ponder. Why am I going to see this?

5. I have never seen a 3D film. Nope. Never. I have never experienced 3D in my ever lengthening time on this earth.

4. Tom Atkins! He could be the only reason at all really. I

3. I really enjoy the original MBV. A superior slasher in my opinion. I wish I owned it so I could give it a watch before taking on this remake.

2. Someday an American horror film will come out, and actually be good. Who knows? This could be this one! Either way, I (obviously) have a HUGE soft spot for the genre. And I dig seeing horror flicks in the theater.

1. I have Friday and Saturday night off. Of course I'm going to choose to see the movie whose poster looks like an ad for a theme park attraction.

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