Apocalypse Mixtape Part VIII: Contagium

As Mark pointed out in a recent blog post, every single one of us here at Bloody Good Horror has a deep and abiding love for zombies that only grows stronger as sub-par zombie movies, comic books and video games keep flooding the market. It's in that spirit that Apocalypse Mixtape comes clawing out of its grave in a stained undershirt and tightie-whities with an installment dedicated entirely to zombie songs. Hopefully this will help to tide you all over until Diary of the Dead 2 hits cinemas... well, goes direct to DVD. Do they still make VHS?

I've been excited about a Wonder Woman movie

It seems as of late comic book movies are unstoppable. From mainstream favorites like Batman to the more cultish Watchmen, everyone seems to be getting their moment on the big screen. Why not Wonder Woman?

This list, entitled "10 Reasons No One Cares About Wonder Woman", infuriated me. Then I actually read it. It's pretty dead on. I mean, I thought I wanted more Wonder Woman, but this list makes some valid points.

Comics Creepshow 3: Mark Millar Interview

COMICS CREEPSHOW VOL. 3: An Interview with Comics and Hollywood Superstar, Mark Millar, With A Brief Review of His Horror Comics

Midnight Muenster 12

This week on Cinema Fromage's Midnight Muenster we tackle 2007's After Dark Film Fest entry "Crazy Eights" as well as a 2005 indie fright fest "Bloodshed".

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Noriko's Dinner Table (REVIEW)

Sono Sion is a poet and at one time a counter culture phantom hero, of sorts, more in the Bukowski mold than the Ginsberg model from what I can ascertain. His 1997 performance art piece Tokyo GAGAGA was a series of elaborate blasts of protest poetry and performance played out in various high traffic areas of Tokyo. Bold , open, and extemporaneous were all words used to describe Tokyo GAGAGA, they may also be the most apt descriptions of Sono’s break-out film “Suicide Club” (2001). It is a fearless genre-breaker that unspools like a densely layered slam piece.

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