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Top Ten Terrifying Cinema Characters not in Horror movies

On the podcast, a few of the guys have mentioned scary characters not found in horror movies. I wanted to add my two cents. Here is a list I put together with a few of my coworkers, of characters that scared us when we were kids, and a few that creep us out today......

10) Large Marge from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure'--- "Tell them Large Marge Sent you!" -- The famous words of the demonic truck driver still send a shiver down my spine, well over a decade later.

Tony Todd to star in "24" Prequel

When musing about the potential blockbuster on-screen showdowns after Freddy Vs Jason was released, I can't honestly say that 'Jack Bauer Vs Candyman' was high on my list, but now that I've heard the news, I'm not all that disappointed.

Midnight Meat Train in NYC

I know there is a handful of folks in the New York area 'round these parts... I just happened upon the site for the Sunshine Cinema in search of fun and frivolity, and I saw that "Midnight Meat Train" is screening Friday and Saturday night. So here is our chance to catch it on the big screen at an amazing theater.

Horror Icon 2D Fighting Game!

Prepare to soil your pants... like, literally. Go grab some paper towels and put them underneath your ass because you're going to be thankful you did after you watch this video:

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