Tokyo Gore Police

When I first heard of "The Machine Girl" I was open to the idea. Revenge, severed limbs, Asian school girls, whats not to love? Then I saw the trailer and it totally turned me off. Sure I knew it would be low budget; I knew it would be over the top. The bright red crayola blood just caused my "this movie is going to be a dumb waste of time" switch to flip. So when I got the chance to see it in theaters, I declined. Apparently I was just too good for something so low brow.

Oh! How I regret it!

How to Kill the Zombie Subgenre

Step 1: Take a bunch of "So You Think You Can Dance?" rejects and dress them in half-assed zombie makeup and costumes.

Step 2: Have them wander around Universal Studios, occasionally breaking into a dance routine to Flo Rider. Don't worry about "zombie-ing" up the moves. This ain't the Thiller video.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.03

The Mousetrap

Charlie Dixon, Sarah's ex from the past is fleeing town with his wife Michelle. Now known to be connect to the Connors, they've been advised to make themselves scarce. Upon a routine stop for gas and soda, Cromartie arrives at the desert gas station and absconds with Michelle leaving Charlie stranded as he watch his wife disappear into the distance. Not knowing what else to do, Charlie contacts Sarah and pleads for her help.

Horror Headlines 9/23/08

"Perkins 14", one of this year's After Dark "8 Films to Die For", wants you to design it's one-sheet poster for theaters. Put your photoshop skills to use at the link.

Hammer Horror's first feature length film in 30 years begins filming today in Ireland. It's titled "The Wake Wood", and surprise, it involves Pagan rituals!

Kevin Smith is having trouble finding funding for his film "Red State", reportedly because it's "too dark". Wow, this story just keeps getting more and more interesting. Smith also states that the fact that people are so against it makes him want to complete the film even more, which he describes as a real "festival" type of movie. Color me intrigued!

Sunday, October 13th will see the debut of the VH1 reality series "Scream Queens", with judges James Gunn, Shawnee Smith and some acting coach dude nobody has ever heard of. Actually, if you're interested in Gunn in general, you should follow him on Twitter. He often drops news on his micro-blog before anyone else knows about it. And while you're at it, follow us too!

A "Moby Dick" film by way of "Jaws", and all adapted from a graphic novel? You can now commence feeling stupid that you didn't think of it first. Although, I'm not encouraged by the quote at the link that says that Ahab will "be depicted more as a charismatic leader than a brooding obsessive". Pardon the pun, but doesn't that take all of the bite out of the story?

Here's an interactive Zombie short film to help you whittle away your day today. It's sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, only more violent.

On Fangoria radio this past weekend, director William Lustig dropped the news that not only will he be making "Maniac Cop 4", but he will also be remaking "Maniac", his first film from way back in 1980. I still have not seen "Maniac", mainly due to the fact that the DVD has been out of print for years. Big news for Lustig fans today.

In Real People News: 

Little girl hangs jump-rope out of car window, it gets caught on the axle and... I'll let you fill in the blanks yourself.

Evangelical compound raided on child porn charges, defend themselves by using the charming tagline "consent is puberty". Ya, the jury should really connect with that idea.

British sex offender flees police, buys a kayak, and attempts to paddle his way to France to escape charges. The crazy part? He actually made it. Well, almost anyways, he was arrested 12 miles off the coast of Normandy. So close!

On this day in history: 

1950: Congress passes the McCarran Act, also known as The Internal Security Act of 1950, overriding Harry Truman's veto. The act provides for severe restrictions on civil liberties, suspension of free speech, and placing of undesirable Americans in concentration camps. The act has never been repealed.


It’s 1979 and there’s a vicious serial killer on the loose named ‘Seed’. Seed has a penchant for locking his victims away in dark cells leaving them to die, videotaping them the entire time. Soon Seed is captured and sent to death row to await his execution. In the meantime, the state pen has some problems with their electric chair; it’s old and faulty and doesn’t do a very good job. This is cause for concern since Seed's execution is coming up and he's quite a hefty guy.

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