Box Office Special - You Will Obey Rampant Advertising

The box office flirted with a $100 million total again this week, but sits (as of Sunday night) at $98. Maybe not other-worldly, but it's good enough for the 3rd highest total for the 39th weekend of the year. Leading the way was "Eagle Eye," the second film from DJ "Disturbia" Caruso. If you haven't heard of this one, you clearly haven't been exposed to any form of media in the last three weeks.

Pumpkin Beer Bash Vol 2

Tis the season for pumpkin beers! If you've been in a grocery/liquor/beer store in the past few weeks you've noticed it's that time of year where breweries all across the country are putting their seasonal pumpkin beers up for sale. I've had numerous friends ask me about pumpkin beers lately, so I decided that in honor of the season (and Eric's upcoming Pumpkinhead article in HorrorHound), I would review 13 pumpkin beers between now and Halloween.

Holy crap, I have a fan shirt!

For those of you who have been keeping up with the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, you'll know that in the listener section we've had a repeat caller named Chris. We found out recently that Chris was in a bad car accident and is now recovering and thus was born the joke that he had to be careful because I'd lose my only fan!

Well, now Chris has contacted us and has sent me the very first 'Casey Fan' shirt that he whipped up on!

I swear to you folks, I didn't make this myself! At least Chris and I both can walk around and bask in my glory. Or something like that! :D

Awesome Videos, Great Job!

Not content with simply exploring the comedic potential of greenscreens, the mentally ill and gravy-robbing, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are now focusing their unique skills on music videos. They directed and starred in this new Ben Folds video (no word on whether or not they're responsible for Ben's silly new haircut):

Comics Creepshow 8: Criminal Macabre


Last week I mentioned that both of the big Steve’s, Stephen King and Steve Niles, had comic book work coming out this month. For King, having his work translated into the comic book form is a major event. For Niles, a new comic coming out isn’t rare at all. Niles is one of the most prolific writers, not only in horror comics, but in comics in general. You may be familiar with his vampire saga, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, but Niles has a project even closer to his heart- CRIMINAL MACABRE.

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