Midnight Muenster 14

The wife and I are back this week with another episode of our direct to video podcast, Midnight Muenster!

This week we take a look at Jack Ketchum's "The Lost" and Uwe Boll's "Seed"!

Be sure to check it out and let us know what ya think!

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Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif is truly a genre legend. An Oscar nominee for his role in "One Flew Over The Cukcoo's Nest", I interviewed Brad in early 2008 to get his feelings on the 20th anniversary of "Child's Play", a film that immortalized him as the voice of killer doll "Chucky". The interview was prep for my "Child's Play" retrospective in Issue #10 of Horror Hound Magazine. My talk with Brad ultimately didn't end up in my article, so here it is in all it's unedited glory!

We're frightened by things that we can't put a face on.

So how did you land the role of Charles Lee Ray?

Eurotrash Island Vacations

The success of euro exploitation films in the late seventies and early eighties opened a few new geographical horizons to the phalanx of filmmakers staining their hands in the bloody depths of the continent’s wicked watershed. Deodato, Lenzi and Michele Massimo Tarantini all ventured into the Amazon. Sergio Martino went to Sri Lanka while a few others went in search of remote island locations. What say we look at a few European coastal jewels from these purveyors of fancy filth?

Horror Hound Magazine Issue 13!

On stands now, Issue lucky number 13 of Horror Hound Magazine! For this issue I was charged with writing a retrospective on the entire "Pumpkinhead" series, an assignment that I have to admit I wasn't so sure about at first.

Comics Creepshow 7: Stephen King

The two big Steves have new comic book work coming out this month. I am of course referring to the most popular Horror novelist of our time, Stephen King and the most popular Horror comics writer of our time, Steve Niles. Both books have a lot to offer for fans of either writer.

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