Revisiting: "In Search Of..."

In the Pantheon of truly eerie television shows "In Search Of" holds a seat at the head of the table. It's blend of dubiously collected evidence conveyed in documentary form, it's baleful soundtrack and some haunting verite reenactments made for a potent viewing experience.

Horror Headlines 10/6/08

Paul Andrew Williams, UK director of "The Cottage", to direct "28 Months Later".

Sequel to "Dracula", written by the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, titled "Dracula: The Un-Dead". The book, which used some of Stoker's actual handwritten notes from the 1800's, will be released October 2009 and the film rights have already been picked up.

M. Night Shyamalan just won't stop making movies. And that comes from me, a former apologist of the man, so that should tell you how much good will he has left in the community. He's currently choosing between three different ideas, that he vaguely talks about at the link.

Corey Haim hates "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe", and somehow remains optimistic that the planned third film will be good. Aww, that's cute. He also reveals plans that the third film may be a prequel, which makes no sense whatsoever, but I guess we're just going with it at this point.

In Real People News: 

Having mortgage problems? Don't sweat it, all you have to do shoot yourself in the face. That's apparently all it takes for Fannie Mae to pay off your loan for you.

Apparently there's a run on albino body parts in Tanzania... hmmm, I guess you learn something new every day.

Racist teachers in Florida? You don't say. Next thing you're going to try and tell me there's a lot of oranges down here. That's just crazy talk.

On this day in history: 

1985: Mayfield, New York resident Barent Becker is hanged for serving his wife Ann a dish of stewed tomatoes and arsenic.

Dexter 3.02 "Finding Freebo"

There are two things on Dexter's mind this week: finding Freebo and becoming a father. Finding Freebo, the dealer wannagee he intended to kill last week, involves staying one step ahead of the rest of the department using the only lead he's got: the corpse of Freebo's junkie girlfriend Teegan whose identity only he knows. He tracks her down to a sorority house where he gets the address of her off-campus “ho-pad” from some aspiring Girls Gone Wild. Incredibly, in the ho-pad he finds Freebo himself, naked in front of a computer.

Box Office Special - Woof!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet this weekend. You see, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" won the weekend, and quite handily. And that's the kind of thing that makes me feel sad. Sad in my soul.

SNL Roundup 10/6

Since I usually spend every Monday pimping out Saturday Night Live as it is, I figured I would start posting some of the best clips from SNL on Mondays for you guys who don't take the time out to watch the show. This season has been especially interesting, as you have two great new talents in Bobby Moynihan and Casey Wilson, a super preggo Amy Poehler, Tina Fey as the human caricature that is Sarah Palin, and Kristen Wiig as the funniest chick on the planet.

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