You know times are tough when...

Not sure if Eric reported this in the daily news headlines, but apparently thieves made off with a Russian church. The whole thing. And for awhile nobody noticed...maybe the header of this should have been "you know you have too many churches when..."

This is not the church in the story, just liked the picture.

Comics Creepshow 15: Devil Slayer

BUFFY needs to check her copyright information and HELLBOY needs to protect his demonic ass. There is a new slayer in town- DEVIL SLAYER. DEVIL SLAYER is Marvel’s brand new spinoff book for its DEAD OF NIGHT series, and it is so good, I am forced to take back the Marvel-horror bashing that I let out during my DANNY KETCH: GHOST RIDER review. DEVIL SLAYER is horror comics done right.

Horror Headlines: Friday, November 14th, 2008

Have you noticed there's been a lot of ice/frozen themed horror films lately? Hmmm, I wonder why that is. Well, the latest is that Adam Green's next film will be called "Frozen", about a couple stranded on a chairlift at a ski resort. Um... creepy?

Marc Forster, director of the latest James Bond flick "Quantum of Solace", has been tapped to direct an adaptation of Max Brooks' "World War Z", a novel about a zombie apocalypose. I haven't read the book, but everyone who does seems to have been pretty stoked about the project, so we'll be keeping our eyes on this one.

In Real People News: 

I understand what this is supposed to mean, but do you think the President knew he was throwing up what amounts to a gang sign? I'm guessing that's not something you learn at Yale.

I think we should all take a cue from this Australian resort when it comes to succeeding in these tough times... start hosting orgies. I mean, who doesn't love a good one of those?

Apparently Joe the Plumber was bored, so he made his own shitty website. And to my surprise, it can not be found at

On this day in history: 

1993: Michael Jackson checks into a drug rehabilitation program in order to treat his addiction to painkillers, taken in response to media allegations that he is a homosexual pedophile. According to his publicist, Jackson was "barely able to function adequately on an intellectual level."

The Wicker Man: Best Soundtrack ...ever?

I think my genre fan card would get revoked if I didn't mention John Carpenter when speaking of film soundtracks. Or the ever popular "Suspiria" for that matter. For me at least, the aforementioned define film scores. For many people, the music that accompanies a film has a tremendous impact on the whole 'product'. My new favorite product is "The Wicker Man" .

6 movies on a plane

I recently spent 10.5 hours on a plane. At first in situations like these, one considers American Airlines' on-demand style viewing to be a true stroke of good fortune. But used immoderately and without discernment this blessing quickly becomes one of those that finds even theater haters like me looking for Shakespearean quotes to express (with adequate gravity) the other side of the experience.

"Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered."

My six movies, in the order watched...


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