Who Are Those Sexy Guys?

We've officially been added as guests for Horror Hound Weekend, March 2009. Feast your eyes on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast crew above. Have you ever seen such levels of manly sexiness? Through some fancy photoshop work, the Horror Hound guys have also managed to make us look like Casey's our pimp... or as he likes to call it, "tard wrangler". Also of note, we're like 7 cells away from Corey Haim! I think that makes us almost washed up... right?

Horror Headlines: Wednesday December 17th, 2008

FearNET online is now streaming select episodes of the NBC series "Fear Itself". Right now, you can go and check out Stuart Gordon's "Eater", which if you ask me is by far the best the series had to offer.

Jim Caveizal's "Outlander" will finally get a limited release January 23rd, 2009. The film follows the shit that hits the fan after an alien crash lands on earth during the time of the vikings, accidentally bringing an extraterrestrial predator with him in the process. Sounds kick-ass to me my friends.

Clips from David Goyer's "Unborn", his PG-13 thriller starring Odette Yustman which gets released January 9th, 2009.

Well folks, in order to help out those horror fans going through hard times, Horror Hound has discounted weekend passes for their March convention. As listeners of our podcast know, the members of the Bloody Good Horror podcast will be attending the convention. If you click on the link, we've just been added as guests, so you can feast your eyes on our sexy asses near the bottom of the page.

In Real People News: 

Doctors remove tumor from newborn's head, find the beginning formations of two feet, a hand and a thigh. Excuse me while I vomit.

Man gets thrown up in the air at his retirement party, colleagues fail to catch him and he dies. Where's Alanis Morisette when you need her.

No officer, I didn't suffocate that prostitute with a plastic bag, I was merely holding it at head level, and she turned and walked into it. Then, you know, I held it shut until she stopped breathing. But it certainly wasn't intentional.

Anti-kidnapping expert... gets kidnapped. That's it for me folks, you've been a great crowd.

On this day in history: 

1997: An episode of the animated TV show Pokémon induces seizures in at least 685 Japanese children. The convulsive sequence contains the depiction of a "vaccine bomb," followed by the flashing red eyes of a rat monster. Of those afflicted, 200 remain hospitalized the next day.

The Nuclear Edge--Wish List

So, I spent the entire weekend without electricity, wandering around between friends and family seeking warm shelter like a wayward gypsy. Mental note: not a fan of ice storms anymore. The point is that while I really had nothing better to do, my ruminating turned toward the upcoming holiday. To that end, I have composed a wish list of things I'd like see to happen as a favor to me. Most, but not all, are music related. They appear in no order.

M. Drew's Holiday Wish List!

New Years Day/Steve Niles Contest!

In recent weeks, FearNET online has begun streaming episodes of NBC's "Fear Itself" series that aired last summer. Continuing with the rollout, starting December 18th, FearNET will start streaming the episode "New Years Day", which was written by Comic legend Steve Niles.


Last Night's episode was the end of Volume 3 : 'Villains". Though there was quite a few cringe inducing moments, caused by either bad acting or poor writing, this half of the season ended on a high note.

Let's start with what was good. Sylar seems to be back on his evil kick, though it looks like he has developed a conscience by this point, where in his very last scene he is begging Angela Petrelli to tell him there is good in the world, and that not everyone is a monster like he is.

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