Okay, I get it now. "Postal" is sort of like Uwe Boll doing TROMA. If you click on the link, you can check a video from the flick which will get a wide release on May 23rd.

"Timecrimes", or "Los Cronocrimenes" is being remade by United Artists, with the script now being written by Timothy J. Sexton ("Children of Men"). "Timecrimes" has to do with a man who accidentally goes back in time one hour, and must stop a murder while he is there.

Next up on the remake block? "The House on Sorority Row", the 1983 slasher probably most well known for its great exploitationy cover art, is essentially an 80's revenge slasher set in a sorority house full of sexy sisters. The original is decent, and would most likely lend itself well to a remake. However, after this week's success of "Prom Night", I can't say that this news is really sounding all that great to me this morning.

Nick Mennel, Willa Ford, Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo, and Travis Van Winkle have all been cast in the "Friday the 13th" remake. I didn't really feel like making a big deal over each announcement like some other people are so I figured I would just let you know when most of the cast was set. As a quick recap, Willa Ford is a former pop star turned slutty pinup girl turned actress, Nick Mennel was "Bob" in the "Halloween" remake, Aaron Yoo is the Asian dude from "Disturbia", Travis Van Winkle was in "Transformers", and Jared Paladecki is on "Supernatural". As to why the others are significant, damned if I know. See how quick and painless that was?

Jumping beyond the confines of the podcast, I give you this handy list of horror DVD releases week by week! Included are any notable releases, some you may never heard of, and maybe a few that we're still not sure how they got released! So, strap in, stay tuned, enjoy!

[inline:avp unrated 2pack.jpg]

When I wrote this review of Inside I found out some interesting things about Beatrice Dalle, the actor who played the killer. I knew she looked familiar and with a the help of the IMDb I found out I recognized her from Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth where she played a blind taxi passenger.

By far our most requested back episode, we tackle the "Prom Night" remake and Eric and Schnaars get into it for the very first time, sparking their now infamous bromance.

"Prom Night" scored the #1 spot at the box office this weekend taking in an estimated 22.7 million dollars. Scroll down to the blogs to read Jon's breakdown of what all this means.

Sony Screen Gems has announced that the "Stepfather" remake will be released on October 16th, 2009. That seems like quite a long way out, but to be honest I have no idea if there's even a script yet, so, for what it's worth.

New stills from "The X-files 2". I must admit I'm pretty excited about this film even though I was never a huge X-files fan of the show. Plus, theres a certain morbid curiosity regarding the fact that both Anderson and Duchovny were so eager to return to the franchise. Sort of indicative of their career trajectories if you ask me. We'll all be finding out if it was a good career move for them on July 25th of this year.

Fangoria erroneously reported on their website last week that Jeffrey Redick, who wrote the atrocious "Day of the Dead" remake, was being tapped to write "The Toolbox Murders 2". In a recent interview Reddick set them straight and said that he had nothing to do with the project, although he had met with producers over a year and a half ago to talk about the possibility. I would apologize for reporting it here after they did but hey, if you can't trust Fango, who can you trust?

Ray Liotta and Asia Argento have both LEFT Dario Argento's next film titled "Giallo". Also, Oscar Winner Adrian Brody and his nose have both joined the cast. Brody will play a serial killer being tracked down by a detective (formerly played by Liotta), in an homage to the 60's and 70's Italian "Giallo" films.