Horror Headlines: Friday January 9th, 2009

David Goyer's "Unborn" opens wide in theaters today, so if you're in need of a horror fix that's one you can check out. We'll be reviewing it this weekend for the podcast, so you should be seeing that next week. Here's today's horror news:

Pics from last night's "My Bloody Valentine 3D" premiere. And apparently Katy Perry was there? I have no idea why, but so was Jessica Alba and that's something I can not argue with.

I have to say I'm pretty intrigued by this "Last House on the Left" remake trailer. It seems to follow the original pretty faithfully until about a quarter way in, where it starts to take off in a few new directions. It actually looks decent though, and although I'm sure it can't live up to the depravity of the original, I always thought Craven's film to be pretty boring (torture not withstanding). Plus, they get major props for using a creepy piano version of "Sweet Child 'O Mine". I'm dying to know what you guys think, thoughts?

Josh Brolin is really, really into the guy who made "Horton Hears a Who" directing the "Jonah Hex" adaptation that Brolin is starring in. Not only that, but Brolin had a lot to do with him getting hired, even though he's never directed a live action film before. This has potential to be pretty fascinating whether it turns out good or not, so I can't wait to see development kick into gear.

BD interviews Derek Mears (the new Jason Voorhees) on the red carpet of the MBV premiere last night, about a few interesting things including recent reshoots that went on. While reading the synopsis at the bottom of the page though, it kind of struck me that this is almost like a sequel with the exception of the characters not knowing who Jason is. Should be interesting to see how that theory pans out come February 13th, 2009, when it finally gets released to the masses.

In Real People News: 

Woman leaves husband who had given her a kidney to save her life, man demands kidney back in return. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty reasonable. She cheated on him too, in which case I probably would have just taken the kidney back myself.

First the "Montauk Monster", now the "Beast of Exmoor? You know, if all kryptoids would be so nice as to wash up on the shore for us to look at, my job might be a little easier.

The guy who invented Barbie was a total perv. Can't say as I'm terribly shocked about that.

On this day in history: 

1570: Ivan The Terrible, thinking that the town of Novgorod on the verge of defecting to Poland, commences a massacre on its citizens that lasts five long weeks. Every day men, women, and children are brutally murdered by flame or thrown in the Volkhov river. Estimates vary between 15,000 and 60,000 killed.

The Nuclear Edge--Assorted Nonsense

-So my friend and I got wrapped up the other day in a conversation about some of the "could have beens" in music. Almost like a Marvel comics "What If," but with even less bearing on actual events. For example, "what if Rage Against the Machine had listened to us and gotten Chuck D to be their new singer?"

Horror Headlines: Thursday January 8th, 2009

There's lots of "Twilight" news floating out there today, but this is just your friendly reminder that if you want that sort of thing, you'll have to look elsewhere. If you happened to end up here looking for a respite from the non-stop teenie vampire coverage on other sites, welcome! We shall be your oasis my friend.

Good news for all you 80's vampire fans out there, the "Fright Night" remake is officially dead. Sony Screen Gems is ditching the project after several different writers attempted to take it on, including the original director Tom Holland. Commence your rejoicing now. Oh, and if Sony Screen Gems sounds familiar, just remember that they're the ones behind the "Prom Night" remake that almost destroyed the podcast. NEVER FORGET.

19 inch Jason action figure! Not sure if this guy would play nicely with the one I have from "Freddy Vs Jason", but I'll only find out if one of our lovely readers buys me one ;)

New to Blu-Ray this June 16th, "Ghostbusters! Just a word of warning to horror fans though, I have heard that some films are being released "upscaled". In other words, not a true HD transfer, just to suck money out of fans wallets. Someone with more knowledge on the subject may be able to better enlighten you as to how to tell the difference.

New pics from "House on Sorority Row" remake.... which dare I say, are a little saucy? The plot follows closely to the original, with the sisters this time causing the death of one of their own in a prank rather than their house mother. Needless to say, a mysterious killer shows up and starts offing them one by one.

HorrorMovies.ca scores an exclusive still from "My Bloody Valentine 3d", which is posted here along with a few others. Included is a still where the killer stalks a girl... in a grocery store? I hear the freezer aisle is wild in 3D.

In Real People News: 

So many great aspects to this article. 4 year old boy pissed at his babysitter for stepping on his foot goes to room, retrieves shotgun and lets one rip at the man... who's named "Mr. Beavers". Sweet Jesus I don't even know what to say after that.

Man gets caught hanging upside down from a chairlift... with his wind-chapped bum exposed for all to see. With "damn, that sucks" pictures at the link.

Man dies in his home, and police discover a bizarre series of tunnels inside his house fashioned out of garbage. The smell was so bad and tunnels so intricate, a DIVING TEAM had to be called in to retrieve his body. A neighbor claims he was "slightly eccentric", winning the award for understatement of the year.

On this day in history: 

1992: George Bush, sick with the stomach flu, decides not to excuse himself at a Tokyo state dinner. He vomits in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister while cameras are rolling, to the great amusement of everyone except the Prime Minister.

Craig Singer talks Perkins 14 and After Dark

Craig Singer made his debut in the horror world with "Dark Ride", a film chosen as one of the first "8 Films To Die For" at the inaugural "After Dark Horror Fest". Two years later, he's back in After Dark with his film "Perkins 14", which took unprecedented steps to involve the online horror community in its development. From the story, to which actors actors were cast... even to the poster, fans had a chance to vote on what this film would be. On the eve of the third Horror Fest, Craig sat down with us to talk about the film and how it all came about.

At one point this would have been considered very experimental, and now it really seems inevitable...

So let's start off with the basics... what kind of horror films influence you the most?


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