5 Reasons Why I AM Going to See MBV3D

I happened to mention to a few people at work this evening that I planned on seeing "My Bloody Valentine 3D" opening weekend. They were shocked. Truly. Like, mouths agape, starring at me blankly. Shocked. Naturally, this made me pause and ponder. Why am I going to see this?

5. I have never seen a 3D film. Nope. Never. I have never experienced 3D in my ever lengthening time on this earth.

4. Tom Atkins! He could be the only reason at all really. I <3 Tom.

Box Office Boner - The Wrestler

Although it has been many months since my last Box Office Boner post, Schnaars inspired me to resurrect my semi (not at all) regular feature on "non genre" films that catch my eye. My original criteria for making the post was some degree of box office success, but I decided to break tradition this time around for the sake of getting some words in about Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler," starring Mickey Rourke. Besides, Rourke won a Golden Globe for his role, so it sort of counts.

The Wrestler

Horror Hodge Podge

Five consecutive days I have come to this terminal to try and write something worth reading and five times I have concluded the session with about 3 paragraphs of slow-spun ejectamenta. Maybe it’s the paste in my lungs, the big goofy fucking dog in my house that won’t sleep, or the fact my wife poisoned me by putting a Michael Landon Jr. film on our Netflix queue. Anyway, I have decided that it’s time for a hodge podge of the week that has been Jan7-Jan 14th. Better for me that it is not a calendar week… I don’t go to school, nor do I get weekends off with any reliable regularity.

Let The Right One In (REVIEW)

If zombies are the monster of choice for making political points, vampires are the go-to creature when a a filmmaker has an emotional axe to grind. Obsession, desire, vanity and lust are emotional states that have been done to death in bloodsucker movies but Swedish film "Let the Right One In" takes the horror elements of vampire lore and injects them into a coming-of-age period drama to make a strange and beautiful film about loneliness, friendship and the difficulties of growing up.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday January 14th, 2009

Missed "Repo: The Genetic Opera!" on it's first tour across the country? Second one, too? Well don't fret, because today is the start of the third and final tour. And if you miss that one as well, it comes out on DVD on January 20th.

"Outlander" starring Jim Caveizal has gotten a release date of January 23rd. The film is about an alien crash-landing on earth during the reign of the Vikings, and the fight against the predator that he accidentally brings with him. This flick looks seriously awesome, so I can't wait to check it out. Poster and trailer at the link.

That Zom-Com set to air at Sundance this year named "Dead Snow" has a new, awesome, poster.

Interviews from the set of Joe Dante's latest film, "Hole 3D", about a family who finds a horrifying hole in their basement that leads to their worst nightmares. I'm fascinated by this for two reasons: Joe Dante ("Gremlins") is the director, and it reminds me of "House of Leaves", one of the best books I've ever read.

In Real People News: 

Whoever decided to fly drugs into a prison with a remote control plane is a genius... well it didn't work so not exactly, but it's still an great story.

Attention: Kids thinking about killing your mother because she took your XBOX away, the "Halo 3 made me do it" defense does not hold up in court.

You know, I'm usually against puritanical laws that try and dictate the way people can dress, but I've got to say that I'm behind this anti-Speedo law 100%. It can only help folks.

On this day in history: 

1943: Actress Frances Farmer forcefully taken to jail for parole violations with regard to her drunk driving conviction. She states her occupation as "cocksucker", receives a 180 day sentence, and some days later is committed to an insane asylum where she receives a lobotomy five years later.

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