13: Fear is Real

The CW and Sam Raimi join forces to jump in to the reality ring with 13 Fear is Real. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on the CW.

Horror Headlines: Monday January 12th, 2009

To go along with the release of "My Bloody Valentine 3D" this Friday, you can see special screenings at 10pm Thursday night in some areas, if you're inclined to stay up late and get a bit of a sneak peak. The link goes to Fandango where you can find theaters, your other option would be Movietickets.com.

To go along with the intriguing trailer we posted on Friday, the official site for "The Last House on the Left" remake is now online, and ready for your perusal.

Still no official word on "Spiderman 4" other than what is already known, but in an interview recently Sam Raimi commented that he really likes the character of Morbius, who just so happens to be a vampire. Could make for an interesting villain in the fourth film, no?

Speaking of vampires... here's Stephen Seagal fighting some. There is nothing that will kickstart your Monday morning like that.

As if it would have been anything else, we find out today that the "Friday the 13th" remake has gotten an "R" rating, for "strong bloody violence, some graphic sexual content, language and drug material". Sounds about right to me.

In Real People News: 

If you're going to kill somebody and chop them up, you shouldn't throw the pieces out in your apartment complex's dumpster. At least go a few miles down the road, sheesh.

See, Frank Gotti knew what he was doing. He personally murdered the man who killed his son in a hit and run, with a chainsaw, and then put his body in an oil drum.

Death Row inmate eats his own eyeball, prison decides it's time to give him some mental health care. They didn't believe him after he ate the first one... (PS - that wasn't a joke)

On this day in history: 

1971: The first episode of "All in the Family" made television history by broadcasting the sound of a toilet flushing.

Reality is Terrifying- Rock of Love Bus!

Dexter is over for this season. Lost isn't on yet. Fringe, Heroes and Battlestar Galactica are still on break.

So what can we use to escape from the mundane prison of our everyday lives?

The Unborn (REVIEW)

Having sat through "The Unborn," it seems a virtual impossibility that writer and director David Goyer had any part in bringing either "Batman Returns" or "The Dark Knight" to the screen. So poor is the direction, so shoddy the performances, so unyieldingly boring the writing that part of me worries that the stench of this film will somehow taint my treasured memories of Batman's breathless heroics simply by association through a common creative presence.

Comics Creepshow 23: Asylum Press


When searching through reviews online for images to use in this week’s column, that adjective stood out. Demented is the perfect word to describe the many comics put out by Asylum Press. And, there are many comics brandishing the Asylum Press banner, which is intriguing, considering that Asylum is an independent publisher, and that from the books I have read, the majority of their titles are written by only two men- Frank Forte and Robert Steven Rhine.

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