Best and Worst Horror Films of 2008

This is the BGH Crew's Top and Bottom 5 picks for 2008. The criteria was very loose, so you may see some films on here that are iffy as horror movies, and you may see some that only questionably were 2008 releases. We like to keep things interesting around here though, so it was pretty much anything goes. Feel free to argue our picks or give your own in the comments.

TOP 5 OF 2008

1: Cloverfield
2: The Strangers
3: Inside

Horror Headlines: New Years Eve, 2008

Just wanted to take a quick moment here to thank you guys for being a fan of BGH in 2008. 2009 promises to be our biggest year yet, so be sure to stick around... you won't be sorry!

Some recent stills from "The Uninvited", which is a remake of the Korean film "Tale of Two Sisters". The remake stars Elizabeth Banks, which I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around. I'm sure she's a great actress, but does anyone remember seeing her in anything serious?

I'm surprised that this film "Text" is an indie picture. I'd be less surprised if it came out of a big studio, since it's a clearly teen-pandering idea and the poster is straight out of the 90's. Just saying.

Here's a list of official participating theaters in the "Afterdark Horrorfest", version 3. Check to see if the fest will be playing near you on Jan 9th when it opens.

I told you we would be seeing more "My Bloody Valentine 3D" stuff. Here's the first official clip to hit the internets... via MTV

In Real People News: 

Cell phone carriers pay virtually nothing to send text messages. So, make sure to kick them in the junk next time you see one of them.

Some might ask what the worth is of a scientific study where you give bees cocaine. Not me... it's time we get that honey-stealing "Pooh" bastard once and for all.

Woman tries to emulate the oral sex scene from "The Last House on the Left"... kind of succeeds. Um... Happy New Year?

On this day in history: 

1984: The drummer for Def Leppard, Rick Allen, has his arm torn off in a car accident. He continues in the band to this day.

BGH Book Club: A Dirty Job

Charlie Asher is a classic beta male done good. He owns a moderately successful second-hand store has a wife who is a few degrees out of his league and a baby on the way. Everything changes after the birth of his daughter. His wife's health takes a turn for the worse and as she is dying, Charlie sees a man in a mint green suit stealing her favorite cd from her hospital room. Unfortunately, no one else, including the security cameras can see this man.

Episode 55 - 2008 in Review


We break down 2008 as we saw it, and wonder aloud what will be thrilling us in 2009.

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Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 30th, 2008

The plot of "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer 2" will involve Jack attempting to retire from... what else, Monster Slaying, only to be sucked back in for one big job trying to stop a man who is attempting to summon a legion of demons. Considering how much we all enjoyed the original, and the fact that this one will have a bigger budget and therefore more monsters, I can't see anything wrong with this news.

Speaking of plots, here's the plot for that WWII horror flick I told you about the other day called "Devil's Commandos". The info comes from writer and mega-horror fan Todd Farmer, who tells us that the film is about a group of commandos sent on a rescue mission in WWII, who end up having to fight Satan's Army. Sweeeeet.

Trailer for "Perkins 14", one of the After Dark Horrorfest selections for 2009. The indie film festival which opens in select areas on January 9th.

Sweet new "My Bloody Valentine 3D" pics. We're at the point now (two weeks from release) where we should be seeing material for this every day now. And since I'm fully sucked up in the hype machine, expect me to continue bringing it to you.

In Real People News: 

Lighting yourself on fire does not impress the ladies. Making a note of that now, in case I forget.

Just how far do those laser pointers reach, anyways? Apparently, far enough to mess with pilots while they're trying to land planes. Wow, that kid must have had seriously amazing aim. And I'm sure this story being all over the internet won't give anyone any ideas.

Rap originated in the medieval taverns of Scotland, and not The Bronx or Brooklyn... which makes it considerably less cool.

On this day in history: 

1903: The worst theater fire in US history occurs at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, killing 602. Most of the exits were locked; no fire drills had ever been conducted; and no water was available for extinguishing the fire. But, a prominent sign displayed above the entrance to the edifice read: "Absolutely Fireproof".

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