What better way to blow off a little steam/boredom after a hellish week than tagging your own site on PaintThatShitGold.com! The attention given to how a spraycan paints vs a marker is pretty ridiculous, considering this is just a promotion for some album I have no interest in buying. It's little things like that, and the inclusion of stencils makes this way more fun to mess with than most online "paint" programs. It also makes me think of a future where tagging on the internet could actually become a problem, strange.

Fernanda Romero just joined the cast of Sam Raimi's upcoming horror flick "Drag me to Hell". If you're a glutton for punishment like us here at the site, you'll recognize her as the sexy Mexican chick who gave Jessica Alba her corneas in "The Eye".

"Don't Look in the Basement", the 80's thriller about a new nurse at an insane asylum who suspects something is awry with her new job, is being remade. The good news? It seems as though it's being done on the Indie tip, with "Bloodshed" director Alan Kelly at the helm. I've never seen the original so I have no real opinion on this. Anyone?

Gore Verbinksi, director of "The Ring" (US remake) is going to be helming the big screen adaptation of the video game "Bioshock". Mark's the only one of us who has played the game, so I'll solicit his thoughts in the comments below. And... go!

Warner Independent Pictures and Myriad Pictures (both subsidiaries of Warner Bros) have been shut down. I don't have the energy this morning to recount all the things that will result of this, so I'll let BD do it... at the link.

Man, I love me some Phantasm. I think a big part of my love for weird movies comes as a direct result of having my 10-year-old brain blown by Phantasm back in the 80s. At the end of that movie I didn't know what the hell I'd just seen but I knew I loved it and to this day I have a pretty high, possibly Phantasm-induced tolerance for movies that don't make a bit of narrative sense but are thick on the style and atmosphere.

As a horror fan and a history buff, I have always been fascinated by the Nazi-sploitation subgenre. It's understandable - with all of the nasty things that happened inside Germany during the second World War - that people have always had a lurid fascination with the Third Reich. That same fascination even spawned an entire sub-genre of horror/exploitation films during the 70's and 80's, appropriately called "Nazi-sploitation".

After Dark Horror Fest will be returning... um yay? They've announced the next two films that will appear, named "Faithless" and "Perkins 14" respectively. The kicker this time around is that they're producing the films themselves, which is a first for the outlet.

Kevin Munroe (TMNT) will be directing "Dylan Dog", an adaptation of a graphic novel about a Private Investigator who gets sucked into the world of the undead. The title is being changed to "Dead of Night" for the film version. Also, "TMNT" was a lot better than it had any right to be, so I have to say I'm looking forward to this. Anyone out there familiar with the comic?

Dario Argento's "Mother of Tears" will be playing at Horror Hound Weekend in Pittsburgh this June. What's more? The boys at the mag have just announced that at the convention, they will be holding the first ever screening of "Dawn of the Dead" at the Munroeville Mall! Those nerds out there (like us here at the site) will recall that that is the very mall where George Romero and crew filmed the zombie sequel. So, grab your tickets today and be a part of history.