Entry3: "Feast" is Delicious, but I Have Complaints

Alert! Spoilers Ahead

If I were a weepier kind of man I would most certainly now be weeping.

I have, as of today, officially caught up with the casts and am already missing the list of 'new-to-me' episodes that has greeted me each day. For weeks this has been my guilty pleasure; football on the weekend and BGHorror to fill in the gaps. I have had a fucking blast!

FRINGE 1.08 "The Equation"

As if in response to our constant complaining about the 'Fringe' formula, the show's creators offered us something different for this episode. Our wish to get a better understanding of who is actually pulling the strings has gone unanswered yet again, but this episode did offer something for viewers to sink their teeth in. Well, at least that is how I felt.


My friend Steve is the 80's action guru. He salivates every time Dolph Lundgren talks about uniting all the old 80's ass-kickers for one big celluloid Buttkick-a-thon. That said he is fired up about JCVD

Horror Headlines: Wednesday, October 19th, 2008

At the end of the day, Bruce Campbell isn't really interested in doing "Evil Dead 4", or a remake of the original. Now please, for the love of all that is sweet and holy, STOP ASKING THE MAN.

Corey Haim has landed an acting gig in the film "New Terminal Hotel". Not surprising, since it also stars Tiffany Shepis and the two of them got engaged recently. Other familiar names in the film include Ezra Buzzington ("The Hills Have Eyes" remake) and Stephen Geoffreys ("Fright Night"), and it follows a writer who has his former boss and studio executive literally "on ice" in a hotel.

Universal Pictures has greenlit "Tremors 5: The Thunder From Down Under", to take place in Australia, and presumably go direct to DVD. I think I will watch a "Tremors" movie no matter how bad it is. Is there something wrong with me?

In Real People News: 

Speaking of Australia, if you live there, you totally missed your chance to get happy ending massages covered by your insurance. Or, maybe you didn't ;) Either way, captain buzz kill is here to ruin all the fun.

Alberto Gonzales and Dick Cheney have been indicted by a grand jury, in Texas of all places, about Cheney's ties to a company called "The Vanguard Group", and their abuses of prisoners in the state. The former Attorney General Gonzales, naturally, was indicted because he tried to stop investigations into the company. Of course this won't go anywhere, but it will be nice to see the two of them squirm a bit.

It didn't happen in the US, but people are starting to shoot themselves on their respective stock exchange floors. Maybe that will spur a turnaround. After all, what better way to realize "it could be worse" than by staring at a dude's brains splattered on the wall?

On this day in history: 

1703: The Man in the Iron Mask dies in the Bastille. He was a prisoner of Louis XIV, forced to wear a black velvet mask, and his identity has never been revealed.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Aaron Eckhart to star in "Battle: Los Angeles", an alien invasion film where he'll be portraying the leader of a platoon fighting some bad ass aliens. The film is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman, whose previous credits include "Darkness Falls" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning".

Dark Horse is to make horror/comedy "War Monkeys". The story concerns a group of janitors who, while working over Christmas break, accidentally release a group of military-trained Rhesus monkeys. Considering that those monkeys are dicks normally, I can't even imagine how they are when they're "military-trained". Director Kevin Munroe describes it as what would have happened if "Quentin Tarantino made Gremlins". Color me intrigued.

Speaking of Dark House and Munroe, after "War Monkeys" he plans on doing a live adaptation of their series "El Zombo", a story that appears to be about an undead Mexican wrestler. Someone with more comic book knowledge than me can feel free to fill me in in the comments.

Here are pics of Nicolas Cage on the set of "Season of the Witch", which he's co-starring in with Ron Perlman. "Witch" is about a pair of knights in 14th century France who are charged with transporting a woman who has been accused of being a witch. I don't know, Nicolas Cage in period costume seems about as ridiculous to me as Ray Liotta doing the same, in Uwe Boll's masterpiece "Dungeon Siege".

In Real People News: 

Holy crap, that's a lot of bees.

You haven't lived until you've been stabbed by a 14 year old girl and her grandmother at a party... apparently.

Huntington, West Virginia is officially the fattest city in the country. And unsurprisingly, they don't care one bit. Keep it up southern states... it's all part of our master plan.

On this day in history: 

1978: Congressman Leo Ryan is slain at the People's Temple compound in Guyana, after which over 900 members of the cult led by the Reverend Jim Jones drank cyanide laced Flavor Aid (a Kool Aid knockoff), their bodies bloated by the sun when they are discovered several days later.

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