BATTLESTAR 4.14 "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

One question the characters on Battlestar Galactica can be certain the answer is always yes to is "Can it get any worse than this?"

The fleet has now left the decimated planet Earth and is going to begin searching for a brand new habitable planet. The Cylons have the means to increase the probability of finding such a planet before the people of Galactica run out of food or fuel for their ships- They will add Cylon engines to the human ships, making the ships move at 3 times the speed.

Obama's alien relatives fly over his inauguration

Ah, yes. The guy has been in office for less than a week, and the UFO conspiracy freaks are already going nuts. The interesting twist is that airspace above the inauguration was restricted, so there are only three things that blip could be: a bird, some sort of malfunction with the camera, or a gen-u-ine U to the F to the O!

I say it is just a bird. What do you think?

Besides the video I embedded in this blog, here is a link to a clip you can only play at

THE INSATIABLE IRONBABE: Avenginas...assemble!

Starring Darian Caine, Jackie Stevens, Kerri Taylor
Directed by John Bacchus
Seduction Cinema
Review by Louis Fowler

You know what IRON MAN was missing?

Well, to be honest, not much, but if you answered “full-blown simulated lesbian interludes”, then I guess you win, because IRON MAN was missing that in spades. It didn't didn't have any. Zero. You couldn't masturbate to it if you tried.

Xbox Live Arcade The Maw

One of my favorite styles of games when I was a kid was the platform. This is the game type that Mario made king and eventually spawned such icons as Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. On the Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 took the platform game to the next level by putting the Mario into a 3D world. From there the flood gates opened to countless others that either copied or expanded on Mario’s domain. Some good, some not so good, some named Jak and Dexter that took away hours of my life.

Takashi Miike's Yatterman

So Takashi Miike is going to be at NYCC in February. Like any good little genre fan, this interested me a great deal. But then comes the question, what is he promoting?

Well, a live action adaptation of an anime of course! Color me intrigued... "Yatterman" is premiering at New York Comic Con, and I want to see it!

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