Horror Meets Comedy Ep. 2 - "The Miracle of Phil"

NOTE: The following episodes are listed in the order that they are designated on XBOX live, and do not necessarily designate their order of release. The episode lists have differed on every site that I've looked at, including the XBOX site.

BATTLESTAR 4.13 - "Sometimes A Great Nation"

The best Frakin show on television has returned!

When trying to describe Battlestar Galactica to someone who has never seen an episode, I usually compare it to films like "Schindler's list" or "Hotel Rawanda". I know comparing a tv show chock full of killer robots and people traveling in spaceships, looking for earth, to a Holocaust film or the massacres in Rawanda seems a bit trite, but the gritty realism of this show makes you completely forget that you are watching sci-fi/fantasy.

My Bloody Valentine 3D (REVIEW)

The future has arrived!

And by future I mean movie going trend from the 80's. And by arrived I mean has been resurrected with some hefty new bells and whistles.

Craven Announces Last House Release on Twitter

Your eyes do not decieve you. Wes Craven has announced the release date of the remake of "Last House on the Left" on TWITTER. Many of you are followers of me (@exploder98), as well as Bloody Good Horror(@bghorror), but if you were a follower of the almighty @wescraven at around 2:50PM EST, you heard the news straight from the horse's mouth:

Comics Creepshow 24: Lock & Key Head Game

The creative team behind the Comics Creepshow winner for BEST HORROR COMIC OF 2008 has returned, turning their LOCKE & KEY story into a franchise. Making LOCKE & KEY into an ongoing series of mini-series was a logical decision, considering that the original mini-series was both a critical and financial success and that the last issue left off on a tremendous cliffhanger. I am happy to say, that writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez have kept the overall story going strong, without having to back track at all.

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