Epiphany: Shia LaBeouf

First, apologies to Louis Fowler, I know this has sort of been his territory, but I thought it was important enough to share.

I was watching an episode of 'Freaks and Geeks' last night (still the best thing Judd Apatow has ever done) and one of the characters is railing against an unfunny school mascot. When the Norseman mascot is unmasked it is none other than a baby-faced Shia LaBeouf.

Viking Skull- Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey review

Over the course of its history, metal has become dense, convoluted. In attempts to display varying degrees of artistic competency, bands have woven together more ornate orchestration of instruments, more intertwined and breakneck melodies. Artists have tried to outdo each other's complexity, to create the perfect mix of sound and fury.

Then, there's a band like Viking Skull.

Anthony Masi Talks "His Name Was Jason"

Producer Anthony Masi seems to be the go-to-guy when it comes to honoring 80's horror classics in Documentary form, and he's done it again with the newly released "His Name Was Jason". Read on to find out his motivation for the project, trying to get Kevin Bacon to agree to an interview, and getting the rights to the footage from Paramount.

I guarantee you people would know who Jason was more than the President.

So I see you've done a lot of work on DVD special features. Was that something you set out to do?

The Netflix Instant Watch Tracker

With the advent of Netflix and their 'Instant Watch' setup, their streaming video has set the internets on fire! Combine this fact with the recent capabilities to stream your Netflix Instant Watch queue to your Xbox 360 or the Roku Roku Digital Video box, the service is in even more demand.

"Left 4 Dead" Valentines are Disgusting, Adorable

When it comes to artsy valentines, Alexandria "Beavotron" Neonakis really has a hold on my heart. Combining vintage art and ironic subject matter, she's crafted impossibly cute Valentines for "Shadow of the Colossus", "Team Fortress 2", "Katamari Damacy", and now, "Left 4 Dead"!

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