Horror Headlines: Thursday February 5th, 2009

New site and images for "Red Mist" the thriller being released by Anchor Bay on February 10th. It stars Arielle Kebbel, who just came off a starring turn in "The Uninvited".

First image from Clive Barker's "Dread", about a student of philosophy who devises a series of gruesome experiments to study how people react to fear, only to find his own fears lurking just around the corner.

Ti West tries to explain where the hell "Cabin Fever 2" is. The scary part is, if you read between the lines he's basically saying that it's still being edited and he's not in on the process. Oh ya, this is going to turn out great.

Attention sleazy movie executives, Frank Henenlotter will totally let you remake "Frankenhooker", as long as you pay him enough money. Apparently he's had a lot of interest, but hasn't seen a deal that's tickled his fancy yet. He also goes on to say he's not anxious to make movies "just to make movies", and that he'll do it only when the circumstances are right, as they were with his latest festival entry "Bad Biology".

CBS is bringing the teen romance/horror novel "Beastly" to small screens. The plot is this (be sure to cover your mouth before you read this, lest vomit shoot all over your monitor): "a popular but arrogant teenage boy who is turned into a monster by a witch in his class and must find true love to break the curse." Oy vey.

William Forsythe playing John Wayne Gacy? I think I just soiled myself.

"Ghostbusters" figures FTW! I'm not going to lie, I'm totally buying myself an Ecto-1.

In Real People News: 

Can you really arrest someone in Russia for cannibalism in the middle of the winter? Isn't that just how they survive over there?

People are hi-jacking electronic road signs everywhere, inspired by that story we posted on a few weeks back. New vandals have added their own spin though, warning of everything from "Nazi Zombies", to my favorite, "Raptors Ahead".

7/11 robbed with Klingon sword. Should be easy to find the guy, just search every over-40 mother's basement in a 5 mile radius. Couldn't be any farther... Segways don't move that fast.

On this day in history: 

1861: The "Peep Show" machine patented by Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati.

Hard 4 F13

"I never saw it coming!", is such a bullshit statement. As a true cynic I can tell you, it's always fucking coming. So if you didn't know before, now you know.

First the good news:
"Friday the 13th" came out in full force today with the release of four DVDs I have been eagerly awaiting. The closest Best Buy had them in stock, I had a gift card from Xmas that covered the tab, and man-o-man did I need the fucking boost!

Next-first, the bad news:
Today was a real peach of a day. I rather like peaches though, so that is not a good description.

Casper Van Dien Battles the Big Bug of Child Abuse!!!

I have long gone on record that I love the work of Casper Van Dien. I have long gone on record that I like Casper Van Dien not only as an actor, but as a person. He's always seemed affable enough and, if this is any proof, one socially-conscious fella.

Casper, as Johnny Rico from the lovable STARSHIP TROOPER flicks, pleads with humanity to not only fight the bug menace, but the menace of...wait for it...CHILD ABUSE! Yes! Score one for the Federation's out-reach program!

FRINGE 1.12 and 1.13

Hello 'Fringe' fans. I am back with a review of the past two episodes. I apologize for waiting until now to cover last week's 'The No Brainer', but I was on vacation in another state, and without my laptop.

"Friday the 13th" Screenings This Weekend

I'm not one to pimp random links normally but this one is actually pretty cool. There will be free screenings of "Friday the 13th" this Saturday February 7th in NYC and Monday February 9th in LA. Details of how you can get a ticket can be found at Black Curtain Screenings myspace page. It also looks like the LA screening will feature "cast and celebrity special guests". Not sure if the NYC one will get the same fun but I'm sure it will be a good time.

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