New Book "Hater" Gets Genre-tastic Viral Campaign

The series of tubes has been percolating recently with the pending release of a new apocalyptic novel that has taken an nontraditional path to store shelves. British author David Moody took to the internet when he was ready to publish his latest novel, "Hater," and just let it all hang out.

Episode 61 - "Repo! The Genetic Opera"


The crew reviews Repo!, and we're all pretty underwhelmed by the experience.

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Horror Headlines: Tuesday February 10th, 2009

"A Haunting in Connecticut" has been moved to the weekend of March 27th, pitting it directly against "Monsters Vs Aliens". The studio clearly underestimating the appeal a 3D film about monsters and aliens will have on horror fans.

"Casino Royale" director to possibly be tapped for "Birds" remake? Odd choice but given the action angle of the idea, I guess that sort of makes sense.

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is apparently in the middle of a bidding war, with "Hollywood studios already bidding to turn the new book into a blockbuster movie." Sweet Jesus. That happened a bit fast, no?

Have Jason kill your friends! I have to admit to loving these horror virals of questionable taste. It always seems to come back to threatening someone's life. That's good old fashioned entertainment right there.

In Real People News: 

Can't get rid of your pesky online boyfriend? Just try the old "I'm an elite vampire hunter" excuse. Gets 'em every time.

"Some of the bigger ones are gone" gets the award for most unintentionally funny line in this story about a whole ton of sex toys being dumped on someone's lawn in the middle of the night.

Val Kilmer for New Mexico State Governor? Hell, he can't be bad as half the Governors in our country, and he'd be twice as hilarious. How can you go wrong?

On this day in history: 

1863: Midgets Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren married in a ceremony promoted and orchestrated by P.T. Barnum, reception tickets $75 (adjusted for inflation, $1250 in today's dollars). Commodore Nutt served as best man.

Box Office Special - Records Keep Rolling

Hollywood continued an impressive opening to 2009 this past weekend with another record total for this, the 6th weekend of the year. With a lineup that most will have forgotten in six months time, it seems that overall quality does matter all that much as folks are turning out to see new releases each week.

Tom Holland Wants You For New Film

Tom Holland - director of horror classics like "Fright Night" and "Child's Play - dropped us a line today to ask that we help him spread the word about his latest project. It looks like he's going even further down the road of "fan participation" than we've seen up to this point. Here's the Press Release:

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