We all have a hearty laugh over "The Happening".

DC Comics is producing a prequel to J.J. Abrams upcoming TV series "Fringe". Also, certain enterprising horror nerds have informed me that you MAY be able to find the pilot to the show floating around the interwebs somewhere. I think you can fill in the blanks yourself.

All of the original actors from "The Descent" will be appearing in the sequel, via videotaped flashacks. Add this to the fact that Niel Marshall is having nothing to do with this and the stupid title "De2cent", and I can confidently say "super ugh".

Amanda Peet has joined the cast of Roland Emerich's upcoming end of the world epic "2012". She'll also be appearing in this summer's "X-Files 2", making her a bit of a hot commodity at the moment.

"Death Race" trailer!. Despite Paul W.S. Anderson's presence on this film, I'm still pretty psyched. Feast your eyes on the metal on metal violence at the link.

Donald P. Borchers, producer of the original 1984 horror movie "Children of the Corn", is going to be directing a remake of it. It's being produced by Anchor Bay for a Scifi channel debut. Hey, it couldn't possibly be worse than the original, so I don't have any particular problem with this.

Okay, I know what you're all thinking. Harlequin Romance? I know, I know. Worry not though, I'm not actually reading the shit.

It's a good weekend any time there is a new horror release to check out in the theater. But when there's a new horror release and a high profile super hero movie, well, that my friends is a glorious thing. So it was with much anticipation that I headed to the theater on Saturday to take in "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Happening" in one sitting.

Here is the first shot of Jason's mask in the upcoming remake/reboot of "Friday the 13th" currently in production over at Platinum Dunes. I missed this in the news this morning, but I wanted to post it mainly because I really think they nailed it. It's not tiny and eroded like in "Jason Goes To Hell" or "Jason X", and it's not oddly shaped like in "Freddy Vs Jason". This is old school, circa parts 3 or 4, and it's sweet.

I haven't been keeping up with every little detail on this film b/c frankly, it's not all that important. This though I thought was cool. What do you guys think?