Album Review: Edward O'Connell - Vanishing Act

Of all the things that perplex me about the current state of music, maybe the most difficult to fathom is how power-pop, a genre that is about nothing but making catchy music for you to sing along to, became an underground genre. These purveyors of sunny, feel-good music have become vampires to the mainstream, surviving in the shadows that thrive on message boards in the deep recesses of the internet. There was a time when power-pop was huge, as it should have been, but somewhere along the way music fans have apparently decided they don't want their music to be enjoyable. Go figure.

As Above, So Below (REVIEW)

Found footage films live or die by their premise, and "As Above, So Below" gains a lot of goodwill in the early going by drawing the viewer into a seldom visited setting in horror, the catacombs beneath Paris. The film chronicles the underground exploits of a team led by Professor Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks, "Prowl") and George (Bed Feldman, "Mad Men," "Cloverfield"), a master tinkerer and convenient speaker of dead languages.

Album Review: HammerFall - "(R)evolution"

I don't think it will come as any surprise when I say that metal, more than any other musical genre, is a lifestyle as much as it is a style of music. You've got your "heshers" who wear their love of metal on their sleeves. You've got your closet metal fans who look like normal folks by day but are the first to jump in the pit when the nighttime comes. Most of us fall somewhere in between. The lifestyle that stands out for me, and for which I have a deep appreciation for, is the over-the-top, bordering on cliche, metal gods.

Rumors of a Real-Life "Purge" Spread Nationwide, Let's Do the Responsible Thing By Repeating Them

Over the past day or so, several cities and towns (including Chicago!) have been put on high alert, fearing that people intend to re-enact the violent, lawless "Purge" period from the movies. Although it seems like the initial hoax has been called out, Twitter rumors are persisting.

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