Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch took the horror world by storm this summer with a surprising grassroots campaign for his film "Wrong Turn 2." Now that the dust has settled, there's already talk of a third film in the series. I sat down with Joe recently to gage his feelings on the unprecedented marketing campaign, as well as his thoughts on directing future "Wrong Turn" installments.

So I knew that week when I came back from England... I knew then that the power of the internet compels me.

Cutting Class (REVIEW)

Paula's (Jill Schoelen) your typical high school girl with boy problems. On one hand, you have school bad boy and basketball star Dwight (Brad Pitt) as the current standing boyfriend. On the other you have Brian (Donovan Leitch), your typical teen who's been locked up in a mental hospital for the last five years for killing his father and has just been released, both trying to win her affection. What's a girl to do?

Episode 5 - "The Mist" and "Hitman"


This episode is not currently available for download or purchase. Please contact us to request that this episode be posted.

The Mist (REVIEW)

"The Mist" opens in a sleepy Maine town as a deadly storm is rolling in. Once it has passed, we see that the aftermath has left a pretty sizable hole in the house of our protagonist David (played by Thomas Jane). David then takes his child Jake and his neighbor Brent (played by Andre Braugher) into town for supplies, leaving his wife at home. As most of you have probably figured out by now, he doesn't ever come back.

Hitman (REVIEW)

"Hitman" is based on the popular video game series for the Playstation 2, and follows the exploits of "47", an agent who has been trained from the time he was a small child to join the ranks of the world's best assassins. We're shown this through a clumsy montage over the opening credits, that for some inexplicable reason uses old footage from the show "Dark Angel" (circa 2000). We then jump into the future to see 47 confronting an investigator that we learn has been tracking him, and then we jump back in time three months to the beginning of the story.

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