Resident Evil: Extinction (REVIEW)

"Resident Evil: Extinction" begins by following two separate paths. First, a group of survivors led by Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) have formed a convoy and drive up and down the West Coast of the US looking for supplies. On the other hand, Alice (Milla Jovovich) has decided to stay away from the group for fear that she will lead Umbrella Corp to them and therefore endanger their lives.

David Chaskin

I think it made a lot of guys uncomfortable. Perhaps I underestimated the 'ick' factor in a certain segment of the audience.

Are you a fan of horror films? Do you have any favorites?

Adrienne King

The year was 1980, the film was "Friday the 13th," and the star was Adrienne King. After being immortalized on screen as the woman who killed Mrs Voorhees, King disappeared from the spotlight. Now, almost 30 years later, Adrienne has a new website and a renewed connection with her fans. I sat down to talk to her this past weekend about getting back in the game, as well as a few pressing questions I've always wondered about.

I'm sending out 8x10's with twizzlers and milk duds to the soldiers and stuff like that. That's the way I guess a lot of them deal with (the war) when they get a chance, they'll pop in "Friday the 13th" and to them that's their way of getting away from it all.

So your site site just launched a few months back right?

Ya, in April, Friday the 13th.

How long have you been planning it?

Hatchet (REVIEW)

In Hatchet, Adam Green’s horror debut, the director makes a strong statement about the condition of the modern horror film. Green, who also wrote the film, surveyed the field—from the "Saws" to the "Hostels" to the slew of remakes—and seemingly said to himself: “Fuck it.” By heading back to basics "Hatchet" flies in the face of most of the horror films of the last decade, and in so doing offers audiences one hell of a ride.

Masters of Horror: Third Time's the Charm?

While the show’s quality may have been erratic, Masters of Horror represented one of horror’s only remaining forays onto mainstream television. So when news hit a little ways back that Showtime was giving it the ax despite the show’s decent performance with viewers, it could be viewed as nothing short of a solid blow to horror fans everywhere. But now, with the news that Masters of Horror will be back under the Lionsgate banner, time has come for everyone involved to stop pussyfooting around and live up to the show’s moniker.

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