Americanada the Beautiful (NIAGARA FALLS)

I just got home from Niagara Falls and what a fucking place. It's a place of romance, beer, antiquated consumerism, and of course, water. It's shocking how busy/ridiculous/decrepit the main strip is compared to how serene and beautiful the falls are. It's also shocking how everything in the area seems to be firmly stuck at least five years behind the rest of the world, like when Allison and I walked into an arcade and TATU's "All The Things She Said" was on loop and the first game we saw was the first Marvel vs.

Shutter (REVIEW)

"Shutter", at least the American version of the Thai original, is hopefully the last of a dying breed; ie, a nuetered remake of a foreign horror film that had the potential to be so much more. That said, it could be a lot worse.

The Wicker Man: Best Comedy EVER

The unintentional humor in Nicholas Cage's remake of "The Wicker Man" is pretty well documented at this point. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone did what you'll find below... aka recut the film into a trailer for a comedy. I know people love to hate on Nic Cage... but I have to admit that I love a lot of his films from the 90's. I mean, "The Rock"? Come on... come on.... No?

Horror Headlines 3/21/08

Word is that Barnholtz Entertainment (whoever that is) have picked up the rights to a film called "Ghosts of Goldfield", a haunted hotel story starring Roddy Piper (!) No word on if Piper will take out the ghosts with his patented sleeper hold... but I would have to assume.

"Bonnie and Clyde Vs Dracula" has reportedly finished filming, and is being shopped around. The film, starring B-Movie stalwarts Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga, revolves around the what happens with the infamous couple holes up in an old house on the run from the authorities, and run into the legendary bloodsucker. Go here to check out the trailer. In the meantime, I'll continue trying to get my coworkers here at BGH as excited about this as I am.

Does "Creature of Darkness" sound good to me? Well, no... but it does star Devon Sawa (been wondering where that dude went) and the production involves a really sordid story about a guy who tried to use his lottery winnings to fund the film, only to be foiled by his wife though messy divorce proceedings. I smell a trainwreck! Fango has the full story.

Family buys out old asylum, decides to have a dirt-bike race on the grounds and call it the "Psycho Path". The townsfolk are up in arms, but just in case it matters, this family gets the BGH seal of approval.

In Real People News: 

There are probably a few worse ways to die than getting stung by an 8-foot-long sting ray. Number one on the list? Minding your own business on the deck of your boat when a sting ray LEAPS out of the water and strikes you on the head - causing you to fall over and hit your head on your own boat. Dizamn. This happened about 3 hours away from my house yesterday.

In the "learn something new every day" department, apparently toilets in China are so low to the ground that you have to squat to use them. Ain't that the darndest thing? In related news, the toilets are being replaced after complaints by Olympic athletes.

Family buys out old asylum, decides to have a dirt-bike race on the grounds and call it the "Psycho Path". The townsfolk are up in arms, but just in case it matters, this family gets the BGH seal of approval.

On this day in history: 

1980: Mobster Angelo Bruno killed with a shotgun blast to the head while he waits in his car after dinner. The Genovese family thus asserted Philadelphia's traditional claim to Atlantic City. His replacement is his former capo Phil "Chicken Man" Testa.

Hack-Off: Best Horror Comedy?

The Bloody Good Horror Crew goes at it on a new topic every Friday afternoon, we call it the "Hack-Off". Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

Best Horror Comedy?
It's a given that we're all a fan of scares. A good jump scene, a messy murder; it's our bread and butter. Sometimes, even the most hardened of us horror heads need a change of pace once in awhile. Trying hard not to stray to far from the homestead, we find the fix in a little cross genre hybrid called; the horror comedy.

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