Horror Headlines 3/27/08

Is it viral video time for "The Ruins" already? Ugh... apparently the guy at the link is an actual internet personality. Pay attention to the chat box on the right too, for a glimpse at how ad executives think people talk on the internet.

Marc Senter, star of "Cabin Fever 2", says that the film is going to kick ass and describes it as, "CABIN FEVER 2 is very different from the first one—it's basically an ode to 1980s horror movies. It's like THE KARATE KID meets CARRIE." Double ugh. I loved the first "Cabin Fever", and will probably enjoy this one, but if you didn't get the memo folks, there is officially a moratorium on saying your film is "80's" or "70's". I GET IT. Can we please move on now?

It's been confirmed, John Carpenter's remake of "The Thing" is being remade by Battlestar Gallactica creator Ronald D. Moore. This has been reported before, but is now official. Man, not a good news day so far, eh?

Bill Moseley's out and talking about "Repo: A Genetic Opera"... Darren Lynn Bousman's horror musical coming from Lions Gate. In the interview, he expresses concern that Lions Gate will not know how to market the film and potentiall bury it. He also gives some suggestions to things fans can do to ensure it gets the release it deserves. Based on the trailer, it's definitely something to consider. FYI, Paris Hilton plays Bill Moseley's sister in the film. Somehow I love that I live in a world where that can happen.

Finally, a good news story. Check out the trailer for Troma's new film "Poultrygeist"! WARNING, it's VERY VERY disgusting and probably NSFW. Younger fatter Peter Jackson would be so proud... I'm not sure what older skinnier Jackson would think. But, who cares, right?

Variety reports that the remake of the Korean film "Tale of Two Sisters" is being renamed "The Uninvited". I didn't even know they were remaking it, but considering the buzz that "Sisters" has gotten, I guess it doesn't surprise. It doesn't mean I'm NOT sick of all Asian horror in general, but hey, what are you gonna do.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone won't be making "Giant Monsters Attack Japan", their planned ode to those classic Kaiju films. Man, bummer news day today.

In Real People News: 

I could sit here and go on and on about how prostitution should be legal and all the hypocrisy of the laws against it. But instead, let's just say this. If I'm a 93 year old man and by some act of god I'm still working "down there", I should be be allowed to solicit a prostitute to help me out with that problem. Agreed?

Meth-heads try and sell their baby on Craigslist so they can buy some more "Tweak". Ya sure, let me take your dirty crying baby off your hands for 1,000 bucks so you can go get high. It's like you read my mind.

Finally today in the "Scooby Doo" category, It's the case of: The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck! Come to think of it, I'm not sure I want to get to the bottom of this.

On this day in history: 

1977: The worst airline disaster in history occurs when the confused pilot of a KLM Boeing 747 taking off collides with a Pan Am Boeing 747 which was on the runway. A total of 583 people die.

Tiffany Shepis is in College?

Tiffany Shepis posted this picture to her Myspace today in a photo album titled "Spring Break" (she's the second one from the right whose breasts are being held by another girl). I had no idea she was in college (sarcasm), but I wish I had gone to this place. Bonus, she may be hosting a show on NBC soon. I'm not sure that Prime Time TV is ready for this chick.

Shepis has been hitting up the Direct to video landscape for a few years now. Her onscreen debut was in Troma's "Tromeo and Juliet". I have personally only seen her in that, and the DTV slasher sequel "Bloody Murder 2".

Horror Headlines 3/26/08

Diablo Cody's ("Juno") upcoming film "Jennifer's Body" hasn't been on my radar at all, until the news that I heard this morning. According to Producer Jason Reitman, the film will feature Megan Fox ("Transformers") and Amanda Seyfried getting into a fight in their underwear." Now, they're obviously trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator here, but apparently they know more about myself than i do... so... there you go. More actual information on the film at the link.

Since "The Ruins" is being release April 4th (making it the next big release), clips are popping up for you to check out. I stand by my assertion that this is going to be pretty good. The source material (a book of the same name) turned out to be a best seller and is supposedly very effective. Guess we'll find out in about two weeks!

Jack Ketchum's latest novel turned film, "Red" has been garnering quite a lot of buzz since it started its festival run. The film follows an old man (Brian Cox) who takes revenge on some troubled teens who have killed his closest companion in the world... ie his dog. The good buzz is especially surprising considering that original director Lucky Mckee left at some point during the production due to major creative differences. On the final cut it appears he's being given a "Co-Director" title. Mckee is an especially private person, so he has refused to discuss the reasons for his departure in interviews. So, until more word comes in, feel free to speculate.

Brace yourself because this may be shocking. Sheri Moon Zombie will star in "Tyranosaurus Rex", Rob Zombie's next film which no no one knows anything about. I know, shocking right? She also claims that it won't be a horror film. Which is good news to me, because until I get confirmation otherwise I'm officially done reporting on it.

2 dudes whose opinions I am unfamiliar with say that the script for Sam Raimi's "Drag me to Hell" is derivative and predicable. So, take that with a grain of salt.

In Real People News: 

Fleeing from busted parties is just a part of growing up here in the US. In fact, some of my fondest teenage memories involve exciting nights trying to escape from a busted shindig. Of course, I never ended up stranded in the desert while fleeing. I guess that would have affected my nostalgia a bit.

A man is about to be sentenced for shoving his baby daughter in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. I guess he just wanted to make her crispy around the edges.

Man attempts to install satellite dish with no luck... decides to use his gun to drill hole in the wall... shoots wife in the chest (twice) and kills her. I'm no home improvement expert, but I'm assuming he probably could have used a drill, right?

On this day in history: 

Nazis began sending Jews to Auschwitz.

The Fog: Rated R Horror for 12 Year Olds

As part of my ongoing series: "Catching up with older movies that I should be embarrassed about not having seen," I sat down with John Carpenter's The Fog this past Sunday. There wasn't any real impetus to take up this film, other than my desire to check out all of Carpenter's lesser discussed works (Christine, Village of the Damned, Vampires, etc). Carpenter has one of the strongest voices of any horror director, and his style heavily permeates all the films that I've seen.

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