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An underrated film that you think deserves more attention?

What What (In the Butt)

If you guys saw this week's South Park you know they followed up the brilliance of last week's sequence of Kenny in a bitchin' Firebird cruising around a world of magic and boobies to the Heavy Metal soundtrack with another musical sequence. This time it was Butters, who became an internet sensation with a song called "What What (In the Butt)".

Scott Adams' Doomsday Advice

Scott Adams on how your cult choices can affect future career options:

I think it will be hard for the cult members to explain the gaps on their resumes when they try to reenter the job market. “Well, I spent much of 2008 in a cave waiting for doomsday. It turns out that my infallible leader was more of a drooling nutbag than a prophet. Anyway, my point is that you should hire me because I have excellent judgment.”

There's more brilliance here.

Lonelygirl15 Returns, with a Vengeance

Internet hoaxes of 18 months ago: how quaint they look in the light of today's knowledge? It wasn't all that long ago that we were all naively following along with the heart wrenching exploits of LonelyGirl15. Truly a lonelier girl there never has been! Well, now that forlorn, helpless fawn has returned, only this time, she not so lonely anymore.

Horror Headlines 4/4/08

Today sees the release of "The Ruins", about a group of kids who breach some sacred land in South America and end up paying the price with some sort of super natural debauchery. Also worthy of note, it stars "Donnie Darko" crush object Jena Malone.

IESB got a look at a few pages of the "Final Destination 4" script, as well as a casting call. A preview is at the link that contains minor spoilers. What I can tell you is that I saw the word "Nascar" in there somewhere. Here's hoping that lots of sweaty rednecks get it in really nasty ways.

New "Hellboy II" trailer! Leave it to Del Toro to actually make me care about this character.

Danielle Harris, Ellie Cornell and Heather Langenkamp are all directing parts of an anthology film called "Pranks". If you're anything like me, you probably passed out when reading those names in the first sentence together. So, try to regroup and read it again. Each story will involve some type of prank going horribly awry. The film is still in the development stage at this point.

Bad news for fright fans today, as Legendary Pictures has announced they are selling "Trick 'R Treat", Mike Doughterty's Halloween themed anthology film. You may recall it has had any number of release dates up till this point, with the latest passing us by this past October. So, now it's up on the block. Could it possibly be that bad? Or is it just making people uncomfortable? Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Anchor Bay has picked up the DVD and theatrical rights to "Brutal Massacre", which is essentially a mockumentary/comedy regarding the making of a horror film by a struggling Hollywood writer. The cast is an allstar lineup of horror/cult actors, including Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen, Ellen Sandweiss, David Naughton and my favorite... Brian O'Halloran (Dante from "Clerks"). A very limited theatrical will commence later this Spring, and you can find a trailer at the link.

In Real People News: 

There are many ways to honor someone after they pass away. Crashing their service, grabbing their sisters boob and showing their mother porn may be a bit of an unorthodox remembrance, but hey, who are we to judge.

A man broke into a church in South Carolina to steal hot dogs recently. When police found him, he he jumped out a stain glass window in an attempt to escape. I'm hoping he did it in slow motion, because the thought of a homeless man with a handful of hotdogs jumping out a window in slowmo kind of made my day just now.

On this day in history: 

1561: Over Nuremberg, Germany, a battle in the sky transpires between black and blood-red balls, disks, and crosses. It is never made clear who prevailed in this UFO incident.

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