Bloody Good Hot Tub Party (Pics from HH Weekend)

As promised folks, here are some select choices from my photo collection from over this past weekend. It's safe to say when all was said and done that this weekend was LEGENDARY. We saw some great films (well, one great, another decent) and partied with great friends.

Horror Hound March 08 is put to bed.

*Queue cheesy music montage to the tune of 'Till We Meet Again'

The March 08 edition of Horror Hound Weekend has come and went, and a great time was had be all. (We think. We're all still a bit fuzzy.) The one thing we know for sure however is that the Bloody Good Horror crew were there in full force and in full on attack mode.

We saw some movies, met some celebrities, murdered some beers, and partied with old drunken fat women. Cuz' that's just how we roll.

Horrorhound So Far....

Friday night Horror Hound is DONE!

What's happened so far?

- We smuggled beer into the Marriot. Fun stuff.
-Night of the Living Podcast Mark Eric and Myself have all guested with the gang at NotLP! Hotel Room party is kicking off as we speak!
-Lots and lots of Thigh Highs
-Linnea Quigley thought I was trying to steal her purse.
-Schnaars is missing. He better hurry up, we're about out of beer!

Script for World War Z Gets First Thump Up

Word is out, via AICN (warning: potential spoilers), that the script for Max Brooks's World War Z is pretty solid. I read the book back when it hit shelves, and absolutely loved it. The news of a film adaptation, while not surprising, was a little disconcerting for a couple of reasons.

  • Zombie movies, by their very nature, have to be small. A worldwide tragedy is hard to capture in a film because films have to tell stories, which require characters who traverse arcs.

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